THE FOLLOWING PAGES CONTAIN the source material used to develop Devil Exposed. For the sake of accuracy in the story I established a hierarchy of document credibility. Law enforcement reports—with the exception of Burroughs' misleading FBI 302 report—court and grand jury transcripts were given more weight than most other documents. Second were contemporaneous documents, such as motions, articles, lease agreements, phone records, etc. Third, sworn statements and third party interviews were used solely as supporting documents.
The reader should know that transcripts of a single interview or court preceding can contain hundreds of pages and they are typically filled with enough extraneous dialogue to lose anyone's interest. For that reason, I have edited the documents to best serve the storyline. However—in certain circumstances—I have included portions of law enforcement reports and transcripts of interviews that communicate the relevance of the discussion. In some instances—for the sake of the reader—I have clarified haphazard questions and answers. In all cases I have kept the spirit of the conversation.
Simply put, the story was built on a foundation of tens of thousands of documents, then fleshed out with information provided by my own research as well as my interviews with Pierre Rausini.